Dear Bride + Groom

It’s All in the Details

The food and cake were eaten, the dress was boxed, the tuxes were returned, and the centerpieces and decor are all gone but don’t worry…. your wedding images will have captured those things, the entire day, and will last a lifetime!  You’re not going to want your photographer to miss any of the beautiful thoughts that you so painstakingly crafted into an actual physical detail.  You should be sure to talk with your photographer, go over all of the details that you have put together to create this magical day.  Believe me when I tell you that we want to hear everything you’ve planned!  The more we know about your plans and details the better prepared we can be for your day.  

We can put all of those little details together into a visual outline of your wedding style which ultimately tells us the look and feel of your final images. The bouquets, ribbons, cake, flowers, and decorations may not last forever but the images of all of those memories will. 

Every last detail will be suspended in that moment of time for you with beautiful archival quality images. Think of the little things when planning your decor; ribbons, boxes, pillows, jars, lace, etc.  Then consider the larger picture of how those things can flow together throughout your venue and how your photographer will capture them for you.  Share that vision with your photographer and then relax, knowing that you’re both on the same page and your day is being captured perfectly from beginning to end and from detail to detail.

A Few of the Must-Have Poses

Even though your photographer will have some pretty awesome poses for your wedding day you’ll still want to put together at least a short-list of must have poses. Personally, I always try to create a few non-traditional poses for each of my weddings so that everyone ends up with some different ideas.  Knowing your wedding plans will also help your photographer to be able to put together poses that “fit” with your wedding-style.  You’ll always have the more traditional, classic poses (they never go out of style) with family members and bridal party but after those I like to break out of the box (depending on the style of the wedding it may be a little outside or a lot) and give each couple their own posing as much as possible. Be sure to add your own ideas and style to your must-have list, when your day comes the last thing that you’re going to want to worry about is if a pose you wanted was missed or forgotten.  The more you communicate with your photographer before the wedding the less you’ll have to concern yourself with on your big day.

Getting Ready Shots

The Clothes Shots
The love notes…

The Private First Look

Capture the personalities


Bouquets, Boutonnieres, and Other Arrangements

His face…

The Shoe Shot

And Don’t Forget To Have A Little Fun

I could write about weddings for pages upon pages and image after image because shooting weddings is one of my most favorite things.  Although, this obviously isn’t a complete list of poses for your wedding it is a little something to get you started.  The love and excitement between brides and grooms is infectious.  Although I love all forms of photography, I’m very passionate about wedding photography.  Capturing such a special moment in someone’s lifetime is a huge honor, and one that I don’t take lightly.


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