Brian + Victoriya | Wedding | Middletown, MD

Nestled in the woods of South Mountain in Middletown, Maryland is the 134 year old historic chapel known as Dahlgren Chapel, or as Mrs. Dahlgren preferred to call it “the South Mountain Mission”.  The Chapel’s 18” thick stone walls and buttresses, slate roof, hand-painted and stained glass windows, hand-painted large rose window in the gallery accessed through the bell tower, the marble floors and wainscoting, the interior walls and ceiling sheathed in native walnut paneling with walnut arches supporting the roof was the setting for the marriage of Brian and Victoriya.  Add in the string quartet, American and Ukraine flags blowing in the wind, and touches of traditions from across the world and this beautiful couple could not have represented themselves any better.


A laid-back hippie and a former citizen of the Soviet Union … this is the response I was given when I asked them to describe themselves, and that friends was the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

I enjoyed learning about the many wedding traditions from the Ukraine so much during my time with Brian and Victoriya.  From “breaking of the bread” to the “rushnyk” towel to the “vinok” crown.  Traditionally, the one who steps on the towel first, will have the final say throughout their marriage. During the crowning ceremony in a traditional wedding the bride’s vinok is replaced by an ochipok and namitka that covers her hair and signifies that she is now married. 

I sure hope that I remembered all of that correctly!


board 2.jpg

  There were so many favorites throughout the day but I think my favorite part of the day was watching the way Brian looked at Victoriya… he didn’t take his eyes off of her and he smiled all day long. 

With the amazing light streaming through the beautiful window grid at The Ballroom at Schindel-Rohrer they danced beautifully in each other’s arms all night long… 




1F7A3340 copy

  How amazing is it that after the jazz band was finished for the evening Brian’s bluegrass band performed for his bride and their guests…


  Judging by all the beautiful smiles on their guests faces, some of whom (including the bride’s father) visiting America for the very first time, I would say that whether you spoke English, Russian, or German everyone had a wonderful night.





Please enjoy viewing  the complete gallery by following the link below:

Brian + Victoriya’s complete wedding gallery.

Assistant Photography by: Ashley Elizabeth Photography, LLC

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